Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Working Out On A Busy Schedule

We all want to be that one woman with the perfect, movie star body, but we all don't have time to spend 18 hours a week at the gym! Here is how to be fit and healthy while on a busy schedule.

1. Try workout DVD's like Jillian Michaels or The Tracy Anderson Method (both available on Amazon.com) they offer full body workouts in only 10 minutes, so even if you have a early morning meeting or a evening event you can find time to workout. 

2. If you want an even quicker workout, try workout apps like 7 Minute Workout (available on the App Store) it offers a full cardio workout in just 7 minutes! 

3. Just take the stairs! I cannot stress this enough, just walk or bike to wherever you are going. It is a greener option then driving and gives you a free workout!

4. Try a workout band like the Fitbit Flex ($99.99 on Amazon.com) it tells you all the steps you take in a day, the calories you burn and even how you sleep! I personally have this band and I am loving it, it is completely waterproof so you never have to take it off and it is like a personal trainer on your wrist, plus it synchs wirelessly with your phone or computer. There are also other popular bands like the Jawbone Up ($ 149.00 on Amazon.com) 

5. Do yoga! It has so many health benefits and stretching your muscles gives you a leaner appearance and makes you seem more toned. 

6. Drink up! Drinking water busts bloat and makes your belly seem smaller. For a real metabolism kick, put a slice of lemon and ginger in your water. 
7. Last but not least, don't make excuses, if you have a free 20 minutes, use them! Don't let stupid little things keep you from reaching your goal!